The correct choice of research methods for a thesis is one of the important and difficult aspects for a graduate student. Applied methods and techniques should allow you to achieve the goal of learning. Suppose if you want to explore the changes in the life processes of cockroaches under the influence of various toxic agents, then how not to twist, but you will have to experiment with all sorts of uses of chemical compounds on cockroaches and use informative methods for assessing their life processes. If you do a tomogram instead of a cockroach, then you will not come close to the goal of the study.

It is better if you are able to orient yourself in the methods and methods of research for a thesis, with the help of which you could get the desired results, the scientific adviser should help. If the supervisor does not want to provide you with such assistance, then there are two options to get out of this situation: time consuming and more convenient. The first method assumes that you will have to “shovel” a huge amount of literature scattered throughout the various library catalogs concerning research methods and try to study it, having expended a lot of effort and energy on it. The second option is to use the services of qualified specialists who have many years of experience in searching for literary sources and follow the latest trends in science or even order a dissertation.

Try to find someone who would help you with this. Otherwise, it may become clear at the pre-defense or even at the defense that the technique you used was nearly a decade ago criticized by some foreign professor, and since then no one has trusted the conclusions obtained using this technique. There are situations that the selected method of processing information for some special reasons cannot be used in your particular case. It would also be a shame to find out that the same data that you could have obtained with such difficulty could have been obtained in a less laborious way, with greater accuracy.

In general, in any case, your dissertation work must necessarily have a practical part (of course, this does not apply to a dissertation in philology or a dissertation in history). Theses, developed on the basis of the analysis of the literature, by and large, are nothing else, as an abstract. And no matter how significant the amount of work performed, it is available to every student, so the author of the thesis should not miss this experimental moment.

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