Now your first priority is to more specifically define the area of research in which you will work. Think about how your own interests can be combined with what you learned about the work of the department with which you met. Of course, at this stage, not everyone has a clear idea of the plan for the upcoming work, but you have to tell us convincingly what kind of research you would prefer, and why you would like to work in this particular department.

Theme choice

At this stage, you should also specify all questions relating to the technical side of your future work. For example, find out what equipment the laboratory is equipped with, whether you will have access to it, what opportunities the library has. In addition, when choosing a department, it is very important to take into account your psychological compatibility with people with whom you will have to work.

If you are planning to study in graduate school without leaving work, or you cannot afford frequent trips for any other reason, then when choosing a place of study you should take into account that currently there are several educational institutions in most regions where you can work on your dissertation . Therefore, carefully study all the possibilities of your region.

If you decide to go to a new department for you, you need to look around and get to know your potential supervisor. At the same time, your task is to make sure that the department chosen by you, the applicant or graduate student of which you are going to become, has a good reputation, authoritative professors in the scientific world work here, interesting research is being conducted, graduate students and applicants are successfully defended, and young scientists are becoming doctors of science .

When you are invited for an interview, do not hesitate to clarify these issues, which are extremely important for the success of your dissertation. Try to collect and analyze all available information about the department, its staff, conducted research and development and about their specific nature. Get acquainted with the scientific works of the department staff, try to learn as much as possible about the scope of work carried out by members of the department and graduate students now. Perhaps the topics of theses may be of interest to you. Talk with applicants working in the department, and find out their opinion on the situation.

Agree to become a graduate student (applicant) only if you are satisfied with both points – and the organization of work in an educational institution (in the department), and directly the field of research.

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